I'm Sali, I live in the centre of the Cotswolds and I'm 48. 

I think it's important for us to look after our skin and nourish it with natural, gentle ingredients, without harsh chemicals, and without causing suffering to animals. 

If you feel the same then you have come to the right place. 

You'll find products which have been created with love, to help your skin have that dewy youthful glow, and with simple packaging that looks great in your bathroom!



The credit for creating these products goes to my friend Carol Aplin. She's spent years creating the perfect mix of ingredients to make them naturally beautiful and gentle to give your skin a real treat day in, day out.


I met Carol a couple of years ago and have been using her products ever since. It's cleared up some really angry eczema for me and made my skin less irritated. I was so thrilled when Carol agreed to let me put my name on this range and bring it to you. We both want you to have gentle, luxurious creams and oils to put on your precious, amazing skin. 


With love          

Sali & Carol  X

Photo credit: Susie Mackie Photography




Who taught me how important it is to moisturise daily, and has always said 'make-up is to enhance your natural beauty'.



Who used witch hazel religiously and still had beautiful skin until the day she died in her 90s.



My stepmum who introduced me to coconut oil when I was 5. (Pictured with my mum Rosie and my partner's mum, Manel.)


My son who is so patient while I work on building a business.



My partner who keeps me from going insane. And sometimes causes it.